Bella Fuchsia®

Flowers all summer long!

The Fuchsia is a garden plant with a rich history and distinctive flowers in various colours. Fuchsias are exceptionally grateful and will cheer up your garden from Spring until late Autumn. Flowers all summer long! 

Bella Fuchsia®

Bella Fuchsia® varieties have a compact growth and begin blooming very early in the season.These varieties are known for their compact and uniform plants. Moreover, the blooms have outward and upward facing flowers, meaning no more hidden blooms. You can see their true beauty as they look at you, all summer long!

Bella Fuchsia® assortiment

Kwekerij Wesstein provides you a broad range of Bella Fuchsia varieties.Bella Fuchsia® varieties have the proud names of our breeders or the wives or daugthers names of our growers such as  Bella Miranda, bella Mariska, Bella Sophia, fuchsia bella evita , fuchsia bella mariska, fuchsia bella sasha, fuchsia bella soila, fuchsia bella nikita, fuchsia bella julia, fuchsia bella sophia, fuchsia bella sara, fuchsia bella nora, fuchsia bella lydia


Keep your Bella Fuchsia® in a good shape by following these care tips.